Why Mystic Artventure

What do I offer?

I am Rositsa, an intuitive healing artist & guide, an empathic soul with an adventurous spirit. Thank you for visiting my sacred art space, Mystic Artventure.

Mystic Artventure is the sacred space I share my personal experiences, insights and useful self-help tools that I encounter in my soul searches and integrate in my life.

  • Authentic art

  • Intuitive guidance

  • Soul wisdom

  • Self-growth tools

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Who Am I?

I have practiced intuitive drawing since childhood as a means of healing and soul expression. In 2017 I dived into the magic and power of mandala art. I gradually developed my own style of drawing mandalas for myself and also as a service offering to others.

The creative process has deepened my intuition and expanded my awareness. Being a sensitive empath, I hold safe space for others to open up and explore their inner worlds, desires and challenges. I connect with them on a warm heart level and bring forth intuitive guidance in a nurturing and clear way, intended to reveal soul truths and elevate their human experience.

As a lifelong spiritual seeker, I have always been fascinated by different self-growth tools – such as astrology & numerology, yoga & meditation, human design & energy healing, sacred geometry & symbols, oracle cards and automatic writing, sound healing, mantras and shamanic medicine music, crystals and aromatherapy. I have integrated practices and beliefs from both Indian and Native American traditions.

I am a joyful adventurer, who loves to travel and explore the world, enjoys hiking & climbing and gets easily mesmerized by the spectacular details of exquisite beauty of Mother Nature. I am connected to different conscious communities, have supported multicultural and Eco initiatives and accepted deep in my heart to be an agent of positive change for this world at this time.

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