Signs from the invisible realms come in all and odd ways. As I was looking through a photo gallery I felt a calling to search for photographs of chameleons. It is such a fascinating creature! But I now know that nothing is random so I asked myself:

What is the message of the chameleon? Why does this magnificent animal appear in my reality right now?

Reading through the lines I got some keywords:

curiosity, fearlessness, change, patience, calmness, intuition, clairvoyance, resourcefulness, trust in the timing and flow of nature

One word stood out in my awareness and in a beautiful way I felt it includes them all – ADAPTABILITY

How do I understand Adaptability?

1) The ability to evolve according to the constantly changing outside environment, 2) trusting your deep inner knowing as to who you are and what is best to be / do and 3) having the resources to manifest this knowing into the physical world!

I immediately started drawing my next MANDALA, birthing the form of adaptability and different insights flooded my being.

Adaptability is a superpower!

Adapting according to the changing circumstances. Adapting while walking your journey and fulfilling your vision, changing your vision according to the newly revealed situation and expanded awareness. Transforming – changing colour, shape, size, pace, route, direction. Adapting to the unexpected. Accepting the unexpected to be part of the picture. Feeling comfortable with the unknown.

Expanding your purpose and identity. Trusting yourself and ability to change, detaching from expectations of your journey and desired destination. Adapting so you can flow effortlessly, so you can enjoy the ride. Trusting your resilience and ability to hold onto yourself, to feel your ground solid under your feet and your heart calm, even in the midst of a storm, floating sands or in the presence of a predator.

Adaptability requires inner strength and freedom from ego attachments. It comes from deep soul connection, active intuition and a certain level of maturity. The willingness to accept change as inevitable and necessary for your growth and expansion. To see change as something exciting.

It is intimately related to trust in the Divine plan, order and timing.

Trust that what comes up will lead you towards even better, more exciting places than you could plan for yourself – which are beneficial in nature and open new doors, introduce more opportunities, develop further qualities. Adaptability is embracing the new, incorporating the new, trusting that the unexpected will make the journey and the outcome richer, better.

I am adaptable, because I am resilient. I am resilient, because I am adaptable.

In order to be adaptable – you need to trust your ability to read the signs and truly know you have the resources to change and move through any external circumstance. This means active intuition and self-awareness. With such confidence in yourself you can explore the world with curiosity, with an open heart and mind, with patience and trust in the natural flow. Why not? We are no longer playing victims. We become explorers, uncovering mysteries, new ways of being and new realms of living.

We are in a period of huge changes and we are all asked to adapt. The more we are willing to take that journey, the more powerful and empowered we become. Life becomes rich, exciting, magical. And we become master creators, realising that we have the power to influence the external as much as the external can influence us. Life becomes a fascinating game we are playing and upgrading.

Adaptability is a must!

The soul adapts to the human body and the physical reality.
The soul wisdom adapts to the human mind.
The cosmic technology adapts to the Earth frequencies.
And vise versa.
Receiving. Decoding. Absorbing. Grounding. Channeling.
Adapting deep and core down to every molecule.
Twisting. Whirling. Straightening. Expanding.
Pouring gradually more and more in.
Freeing up space from within.

Adaptability is a gift!