The sense of belonging is an essential theme of my being. And the lack of it, as well.

What am I willing to do to fit in? What am I willing to ignore? Who am I willing to be?

There are years of memories feeling inadequate, trying so hard to be like what I am expected to be, told to be, convincing myself it is good to be… And at the same time feeling I am one foot in and one foot out, not exactly in my right spot. Not fully in. But the need of belonging is strong. And the inner void is big.

I understand now, in a way, this semi-belonging is right because I simultaneously belong and don’t belong to this world. And I find now that I belong to a large group of beings who feel and have felt like this for the majority of their lives. So now there is a belonging to a group of individuals waking up out of the sense of not belonging and coming to terms and peace with themselves and this world.

I belong, primarily, to myself, to my soul!

Everything starts from within. Once you reconnect to your inner being, the longing for belonging calms down. For the root of this longing comes from within, comes from us being asleep and away from our eternal nature as souls, from putting different identity suits while dimming down the voice of our souls calling us – to come back home! Come back to our heart! Our soul is not just white or yellow, or a man, or an animal, or an alien, or a crystal. It is not just a hindu, or introvert, or artistic. Our soul is ALL! Once we learn to stop limiting it, trying to identify with one thing, or a list of things considered – the highest, the best, the chosen ones, the liberated ones, the most successful, etc… and embrace it all, then we come back home!

Home is within! Home is vast! Home is All!

We belong both to this earth, that so gracefully gave us our bodies and shelter and food and families and communities and instruments to express and create and share and experience!

We belong to this beautiful physical world!

And we also belong to the stars, the Multiverse, to God, the Source of ALL. And our spark of light that is our soul carries all the wisdom & potential of the stars. We know! We know we are so much more than we see and think we are, and we try to fit in! We know! And the anxiety is relieved when we reconnect to the stars & source energy from within, through the light thread of our soul. Then we come back home! Then we truly belong. We belong to both worlds, to all worlds! And anywhere we are, is home!

We are moving beyond the limitations. We are evolving from surviving to thriving – realising it is temporary, while we are here now, for experiencing to the fullest extent what we are choosing to experience and create in deep resonance with our being, always expanding, constantly adding more to the understanding who we are, integrating more and more aspects of who we were and came here to be. It is, indeed, the process of inclusion, integrity, unity in diversity. We are walking multiverses! We are ALL! And even if we choose not to be something in the present moment, it is for the sake of particular experience. Tomorrow we might choose differently and this is perfect! This is beautiful!

Expand your awareness of your being and you will find you do not just belong to one group or another, one world or another, you belong to all! Because your soul deep within, sitting on the throne in the center of your heart, is ALL!

I belong!

Understanding – the sense of belonging is a matter of choice and we can choose differently all the time based on what we would like to experience and what we would like to create! Allow yourself to be free! Allow yourself to be part of any and all groups and forms you feel drawn to but not limited by any of them <3 Allow yourself to be part of the spiritual and modern groups, activists and peacemakers, creatives and entrepreneurs! Allow yourself to be ALL!

Allow yourself to move in and out at will! It is a matter of choice. It is YOUR choice! Yours and yours only!