Hi! I am Rositsa, an intuitive healing artist and a self-growth coach.

Mystic Artventure is the online space I created to offer my authentic art, intuitive guidance and useful self-help tools, which I explore and integrate in my own soul journey here on Earth.

I wish you will find your visit here inspiring, supportive and transformative!

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My Services

Invite the power of art and wisdom to transform your life!

Intuitive Reading

Gain clarity & direction on 2 personal questions through my intuitive guidance, which includes a unique hand-drawn symbol, its interpretation and an oracle reading.

Intuitive 1-on-1 Session

Explore your inner world in the safe & heart warm space of my 1-on-1 sessions for gaining clarity, uncovering more purpose & direction and reconnecting with your soul essence.

Mandala Drawing

Inquire for a unique mandala drawing on a special personal topic, which can be used as a tattoo, home decoration and a personalised gift for a dear other or yourself.

Mandala Healing

Uplevel your self-growth journey with a special 4 course treat – intuitive 1-on-1 session, a unique mandala drawing, a positive affirmation and a personal intuitive message.

I feel very blessed and honored to have received such a sacred and magical session from Rositsa. She offers so much more than the mandala and its description. So much time, energy, and effort goes into birthing this mandala and its wisdom for me.

Thank you, Rositsa, for being so patient and for holding sacred space for me. It feels so nurturing to be held energetically by you. Thank you for reminding me to keep returning to my center, which I see as my womb too.

Rosi has the gift of connecting to the essential, to the core of your essence, expressing it in an intricate and powerful mandala. And the message is so special too, highlighting what is most needed to remember. The first time I saw my mandala was a mystical experience. I could feel its power, it had a pulse. And the message took me home as I could feel its deep resonance. I so needed to hear this, it was perfect! Thank you so much Rosi for sharing your much needed gift, it is a powerful tool and I really loved my experience. Definitely highly recommend!

If you were thinking of contacting Rositsa don’t hesitate a minute, it’s a really great experience and such an empowering tool!

Gwen Direwoods, UK

I recently had a one on one session with her in order for her to create my very own personal mandala & message – what an amazing service this is!!

Rositsa opened the session/process with a relaxed & very warm hearted approach. I felt immediately at ease & comfortable to speak my truth in her presence. I found the questions she asked & the flow of the conversation to gently guide me into looking within for my souls own answers regarding my path & where I would like to go with it all.

Thank you Rositsa I am truly honoured to have had the opportunity to connect & to receive the gift of your wonderful service.

Tamara Krissansen, Soul Prophecy - Australia

I just love Rosita’s mandala! When I first saw her mandala on her page, I immediately wanted to have her healing mandala card session. And what a powerful session it was! First, Rosita invited me to talk about what area I wanted to look into… She is a very warm and enlightened listener who holds space for you to connect with your inner self.

I am so grateful for this mandala with its wealth of wisdom and encouragement. I think having your own mandala helps you to meditate deeper on your current theme. It takes you into new levels of understanding. It sure did that to me!

Minako Beatrix Ikeuchi, Japan

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